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Disclosure - this is a resource by and for affiliates. Most of the links throughout this site are affiliate links. The person submitting the link may earn a commission or other reward from any purchase you may go on to make. This does not affect the price for buyers, and is paid by the merchant, not the customer.  Learn more at

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing in which affiliates promote a merchant's products or services in exchange for a commission. Affiliate management refers to the overall management of affiliates inside a channel in order to enhance the program's development for the brand or merchant. This may be done in-house or via a third-party agency. Affiliate Managers serve as a link between the customer (merchant) and the affiliates. Weekly or monthly reports, attending conferences, authorising affiliates, updating creative and promotions, and having check-in conversations with both customers and affiliates are all part of this process. Affiliates may be simply described as partners that promote a merchant's products or services. They may be coupon publishers, content publishers, loyalty publishers, and so on.
What Is Affiliate Management and How Does It Work? Some marketing executives believe the affiliate channel is similar to paid search or paid social in that it can be turned on and off. It isn't; affiliate connections are based on trust and long-term relationships, not one-time purchases. An affiliate program's ultimate aim is to create a win-win situation for both companies and their affiliate partners.

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Affluent Affluent keeps track of around $10 billion in affiliate revenue each year. Affluent connects over 500 affiliate sites, and new networks are added on a regular basis.
Affiliate Analytics allows publishers to combine data from several affiliate networks. If you make less than $5,000 USD per month on average, you are eligible for free membership. There are no additional fees. You can view and analyse all events in one place with Affluent, including placements, promotions, monitoring issues, and more.
You may monitor the performance of your whole publisher portfolio, increase your negotiating power with publishers, evaluate your recruitment efforts, and do a gap analysis to see where your publishers might improve.

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