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Disclosure - this is a resource by and for affiliates. Most of the links throughout this site are affiliate links. The person submitting the link may earn a commission or other reward from any purchase you may go on to make. This does not affect the price for buyers, and is paid by the merchant, not the customer.  Learn more at

Affiliate networks function as a link between website publishers and merchant affiliate programmes, facilitating the exchange of information.
Instead of a fee-per-action approach, the vast majority of merchant programmes operate on a revenue-share basis.
Traditional affiliate networks may charge a one-time setup fee as well as a monthly membership fee for their services.

Awin Awin's global affiliate network has 15 offices globally, over 1,000 workers, 225,000 contributing publishers, and 16,500 advertisers. Awin delivers solutions to create sustainable growth, regardless of the type of partner, quality of service, or tools your company requires. The platform will help any marketing operation, whether an individual blogger or influencer or a sizeable digital marketing team, with clear, uniform labels and layouts.
Awin is a worldwide affiliate marketing network that connects businesses with people all over the world in the retail, telecommunications, travel, and finance sectors. In the last financial year, Awin earned 10.8 billion in income for its advertisers and 819 million for its publishers. The platform's user-friendly platform makes administering affiliate programmes a breeze.

CJAffiliate CJAffiliate is the largest and oldest affiliate marketing network in the world. Its cutting-edge, data-driven, omni-channel solutions offer up a world of possibilities.
CJAffiliate provides innovative methods to unlock the full power of your customer connections.
With over 20 years of experience, CJAffiliate is the most trusted and recognised name in affiliate marketing.
CJAffiliate provides a complete set of capabilities for tracking your customers' travels across all devices and circumstances, even when cookies aren't present. In addition, the business offers real-time data on the worth of each customer's purchase.

Clickbank ClickBank is a marketplace where the best marketers and product producers from around the globe join together to build businesses that matter. By offering global access, powerful tools, and reliable support, the Clickbank marketplace allows entrepreneurs and brands to thrive online. You may sell your goods on ClickBank. With easy tools and a vast network of affiliates, you can boost your sales. For over 20 years, ClickBank has worked with affiliates all over the world to sell to over 200 million customers.
You'll get credit for every sale you make. Thanks to ClickBank's HOPLINKTM tracking system, you'll always get credit for your sales. You can learn how to make money and develop your business online using Spark.

Impact According to a recent study, growth technologists make an effect through driving the development of their companies and workers. Impact, which seeks to transform the way companies manage and optimise all types of connections, released the study. According to the report, growth technologists are focused on customer success because they recognise that by fostering staff development, they are also fostering their own. The Impact Marketplace was built with the goal of making selling your content as easy as possible. Make connections with industry leaders who are a good match for your readers and viewers.
Work with companies from all around the world and get paid in the currency of your choice through direct transfer, BACS, or PayPal. Bonuses are given for all contributions.

JVZoo JVZoo was created in 2011, when the internet marketing sector was in a state of flux. Since then, our users have assisted us in growing from a startup to a business that grows year after year.
We're here for you, and every action we take is designed to help you sell more! We make selling online quick, simple, and safe.
We treat our workers with the same respect we show our consumers.
JVZoo is in its ninth year of operation and has regularly been featured on the Inc. 5000 list of America's fastest-growing businesses.
Only 3% of companies that started in 2011 made it to their fifth year, which is a terrible statistic. Join us for free now and let us help you build your company!

Partnerstack PartnerStack, a top-rated SaaS partner platform, assists companies in expanding existing programmes into new revenue streams.
PartnerStack automates the most time-consuming elements of running a partner programme, with the goal of keeping partners engaged over time.
All businesses may utilise the service for free. The world's fastest-growing SaaS companies have already figured out how to increase revenue without raising costs.
PartnerStack is a company that connects businesses with partners to help them expand exponentially.
The business was established on the belief that when people work together, they can achieve more.

PayKickStart PayKickstart Is Ideal For Course Developers, SaaS and Web 2.0, Consultants and coaches, Product Designers. Keep Your Eye on the Ball. Keep track of and manage your customers' recurring billing. Automate subscriptions, consumption, and event-based invoicing. Cycle automation. Maintain revenue. Affiliate Admin. Create and manage a sales force of referral partners. A/B Testing. Payouts of commissions in real-time. Tier 1 and 2 tracking. Promo materials are included. Pickup of W9/W8 tax forms. Join our marketplace. (almost 100,000 affiliates) Partner with us. Want to spread the word about PayKickstart and earn referral fees for each new client you bring in? Benefits: Earn a 25% lifetime commission on every client you recommend. Shareable links that monitor PayKickstart client conversions. Possibility of a 2-week trial. Affiliate platform with marketing materials built-in. Let's Take This Relationship Further.

Refersion Refersion was created to assist you in rapidly establishing and launching your own business promotion network. For Affiliates and Influencers, create an account to engage with brands and merchants seeking to collaborate with content producers. Our first-party cookies provide you with peace of mind that the businesses with whom you've partnered are correctly monitoring each transaction you generate. Refersion is a team of experts who help companies of all sizes thrive in a world where results matter and data reigns supreme. We're passionate about technology and marketing expertise, and we use Refersion to help company owners all over the world. Direct, transparent connections with the world's fastest-growing companies are at your fingertips. If you're just starting, we can offer training and assistance, or collaborate on product development and create bespoke features if your company needs greater complexity.

ShareASale You can get started on your affiliate marketing strategy right now with ShareASale.
The straightforward platform allows all types of content creators to monetize their websites or platforms by partnering with their favourite businesses. With over 260 new programmes launching each month, you'll find every kind of retailer, from big names to specialised businesses. Real-time data may be used to determine when a banner is clicked, a sale is made, and a commission is received. Utilize specialised affiliate tools to promote your partners in novel and exciting ways.
Excellent customer service will be provided by real people on the experienced publisher management team. Create an account for free right now!

WebGains Webgains is an affiliate marketing network that focuses on high performance. This means we have an unrivalled track record of enabling our advertising and publishing partners to operate at their best and generate game-changing outcomes. We're committed to fighting your corner in a competitive industry where only the boldest actions make a difference, armed with the expertise to accelerate your sales and a thorough knowledge of your critical markets. Advertisers like you use Webgains to quickly connect with the appropriate consumers. We connect brands with the finest editorial and publishing partners to put our clients, from blue-chips to start-ups, ahead of the pack and increase sales by using cutting-edge technology, performance marketing experience, and world-class knowledge.
We put in a lot of effort to match brands with the appropriate publications and content at the right moment. 

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