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Digital audio is a representation of sound that has been captured in digital format or converted to it.
Digital audio enables an unlimited number of copies to be produced with no signal degradation.
In the 1990s and 2000s, digital audio technology progressively displaced analogue audio technology in many fields of audio engineering and telecommunications.
The conversion of an audio signal to a digital format enables for easier manipulation, storage, transmission, and retrieval.

Podcasting Podcasting A podcast is a collection of spoken-word digital audio recordings that may be downloaded and listened to on the move. Many podcasts include a companion website with links and show notes, as well as guest biographies, transcripts, additional resources, comments, and even a community forum where listeners may discuss the episode's subject. While many podcasts are available for free download, some are sponsored or supported by companies and include commercial advertisements.
People start podcasts for a number of reasons, ranging from personal curiosity to professional exposure. Podcasting is often seen as a disruptive medium since its content is typically free or, at the very least, reasonably priced. Long-running podcasts with a big backlog allow themselves to binge listening and may be more interesting than shorter ones.

Production Production The amount of data included in the sound file you're listening to is referred to as the "bitrate."
For the average listener, the strength and depth of low frequencies will decide the quality.
High bitrate files may rapidly drain your storage space if you just have a limited quantity.
Every minute of music in a 128kbps MP3 file takes up around 1mb of space. There is no one answer to the issue of how much data you should be able to download from a hard disc, but it is critical to get as much data as possible.

Stock Audio Stock Audio & Music - is music created especially for audio and audiovisual projects, including radio and television broadcasts, advertisements, and jingles.
It's typically used as background music, either as a voiceover or behind the speech.
A stock sound effect is a prepackaged sound effect that is intended to be used with an entertainment product rather than creating a fresh and unique sound effect.

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