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Stock music is composed specifically for use in audio and audiovisual productions such as radio and television broadcasts, commercials and jingles.
It's usually utilised as background music, either behind the dialogue or as a voiceover.
Instead of producing a fresh and original sound effect, a stock sound effect is a prepared sound effect meant to be utilised with an entertainment product.

Audio Jungle Starting at $16.50 per month, you can access millions of pieces of music & sounds. You can purchase royalty-free music and audio from our community of artists and sound engineers. We carefully evaluate each new entry submitted by our community to ensure that it meets our high-quality design and functionality requirements. Envato Market is a free online marketplace for digital creatives. Each month, there are fresh freebies available to take advantage of, including royalty-free music found on AudioJungle. Envato's staff of creative creatives serve millions of people across the globe from its offices in Melbourne, Guadalajara, and Los Angeles, among other locations.. We are dedicated to making it simpler for individuals to complete their creative endeavours, guided by a good purpose and a common collection of principles which places our community at the centre of all we do.

Soundscrate Over 125 Epic Sound Design files are now available on SoundsCrate, which are divided into various categories. Experts in the Hollywood business produce original content. It is not necessary to give credit. Some situations just need the right sound design to take them to the next level. We'd be happy to provide you with those resources.
A collection of sound effects, audio effects, and other noises for creating amazing battle scenes. Bangs, whooshes, bone fractures, sword stabs, explosions, and more are among the effects. Traditional boings, tubas, piccolos, balloon sounds, and a slew of bells are among the audio effects. Fast-paced action music for combat scenes, vehicle chases, and escapes is included in Music for Action.

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