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Shopping cart software is e-commerce software that runs on a web server and enables visitors to an Internet site to choose goods for purchase. The programme usually generates a total for the order at the point of sale, which includes freight transit, postage, packing, and labelling. Taxes associated with the transaction are computed as needed. This programme also provides for a last evaluation of the shortlisted purchase, as well as the option to change it. In order to perform safe credit card transactions online, these apps usually offer a method of collecting a client's payment information, but in the case of a credit card, they depend on the secure gateway provider's software module in combination with the secure payment gateway. The shopping cart software must be installed on the server that hosts the site, or on the secure server that takes sensitive ordering information. HTTP cookies or query strings are often used to implement e-shopping carts. Most server-based solutions, on the other hand, save data about the shopping cart in the session object, which can be accessed and modified on the fly when the user chooses various things from the cart. Although the most basic shopping carts (such as the free PayPal shopping cart) just enable an item to be put to a basket to begin the checkout process, most shopping cart software has extra capabilities that allow an Internet merchant to completely manage an online store. E-commerce software, e-store software, online store software, storefront software, and online shop are all terms used to describe shopping cart software.

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