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Freelance (sometimes spelt free-lance or free lance), freelancer, or freelance worker are all words that are frequently used to describe a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily tied to a specific company on a long-term basis. A business or a temporary agency that represents freelance employees on behalf of customers may resell their services to clients. However, many freelancers operate independently or via professional organisations and websites to find employment.
However, while the term "independent contractor" is used in a different register of English to designate the tax and employment classes of this type of worker, the term "freelancing" is most commonly used in the cultural and creative industries, and use of this term may indicate participation in such industries.
Some cultural theorists consider piece work to be essential to the cognitive-cultural economy, and a variety of fields, professions, and industries in which it is prevalent include: music, writing, acting, computer programming, web design, graphic design, translating and illustrating, film and video production, and other forms of piece work.

Platforms Platforms The internet has expanded the number of available markets and helped expand the service sector in many nations. Offshore outsourcing, online outsourcing, and crowdsourcing rely heavily on the Internet to provide remote workers with low-cost access. They often use technology to communicate with their employers. Computer freelance work is increasingly being outsourced to developing countries outside the US and Europe. Freelance platforms act as a marketplace for freelancers and consumers. Profiles include descriptions of services, samples of work, and, in some cases, pricing. Buyers establish an account and fill out a basic profile before submitting projects. To bid on specific projects, freelancers will be paid a flat fee or an hourly rate. Many of these websites include user review sections that may be used to affect the reputation of freelancers listed on the site. 
And.coSmart, smooth freelancing tools for company growth. From "To Do" to "Done." AND.CO generates tasks based on deadlines, projects, and contracts. The AND.CO ecosystem transforms mundane business tasks into everyday joys. Accept credit cards, ACH, PayPal, and multicurrency. Collect customer billing information up front and be paid automatically. Automate your process with smart solutions that never fail and learn. 400,000 freelancers and companies trust us. AND.CO is a time-saving company administration software for freelancers, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs. AND CO's full feature set addresses many of the issues facing today's freelancer. Not having to manually input your hours is time tracking that talks to your invoicing. It's revenue monitoring that syncs with your task list, so you're reminded to follow up on late payments. Each feature communicates with others to speed up tasks.

Learn.FiverrOn-Demand Skills & Courses Online expert-led courses. Skills: Learn proven techniques, procedures, and best practises that you can use right now. Study the finest. Professional courses taught by hand-picked industry experts. No monthly costs. There are no monthly fees; simply pay for the courses you want. Learn.Fiverr provides instruction. Fiverr emphasises professionalism and seller training. Observe: Fiverr is an online video class platform for freelancers and professionals. All courses are taught by renowned specialists in their areas. These courses include exercises, quizzes, and exams. Taking a course will help you advance your career. By passing the course's final exam, you'll demonstrate your new skills. Completing a course will also increase your exposure in the Fiverr marketplace. A course badge will also show on your Seller page following completion. The emblem will stay on your Seller profile, allowing customers to learn more about you and your Gigs. 

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