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The Internet has opened up a plethora of freelancing possibilities, increased the number of accessible markets, and helped the expansion of the service industry in a number of countries. In order to offer distant employees with cost-effective access, offshore outsourcing, online outsourcing, and crowdsourcing are highly dependent on the Internet. They also often rely on technology to handle workflow to and from the employer. Outsourcing of computer freelancing work to developing nations outside of the United States and Europe is becoming more popular.
Freelance platforms connect freelancers and customers by providing a marketplace for them to connect. When creating a profile, service providers or sellers add a description of the services they provide, samples of their work, and, in certain instances, information about how much they charge for their services. Buyers create an account and fill out a basic profile before posting projects that outline their needs on the site. A set fee or an hourly rate will be offered to freelancers in exchange for their bids on certain tasks. There are user review parts on many of these websites, and these areas may be exploited to influence the reputation of freelancers who are listed on the site.
Freelance markets have helped to globalise competition for certain professions, enabling employees in both high- and low-income nations to compete against one another for the same positions.
According to a McKinsey Global Institute research conducted in 2016, 15 percent of independent employees utilised internet marketplaces to obtain employment.

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